Jennifer Aniston and Naomi Watts: Mortifying Experiences with Kissing Test Auditions

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Jennifer Aniston and Naomi Watts Share Their Mortifying Experiences with Kissing Test Auditions

Two of Hollywood’s most iconic actresses, Jennifer Aniston and Naomi Watts, recently opened up about the most mortifying moments of their careers during a roundtable interview with other leading ladies for The Hollywood Reporter. The discussion centered around the awkwardness of kissing test auditions, where actors are asked to display chemistry with their co-stars in front of casting teams.

Naomi Watts’ Cringe-Worthy Audition

Naomi Watts recalled a particularly cringe-worthy experience where she was auditioning for a role and didn’t quite hit the mark. The actress remembered, “I was auditioning and I didn’t get the job, so clearly I did not do a good make-out. It was with a very well-known actor. It was mortifying because we didn’t hear a ‘cut,’ and it just kept going.” Watts explained that the awkwardness was compounded by the fact that the audition didn’t end with a clear signal from the casting team, leaving her and her co-star feeling uncertain and rattled.

Jennifer Aniston’s Uncomfortable Audition

Jennifer Aniston, known for her role in Friends, echoed Watts’ sentiments, saying that such auditions can be extremely uncomfortable. Aniston admitted that she is not a natural auditioner and often feels at a disadvantage in the audition room. She explained, “If you’re a nervous auditioner to begin with, to then say, ‘Now let’s have you make out with a complete stranger,’ it’s very uncomfortable.” Aniston also drew the line at kissing, stating that she would refuse to simulate sex if an audition demanded it. “If asked, I would never,” she emphasized.

These candid discussions from Aniston and Watts offer a glimpse into the often unseen world of Hollywood auditions, where actors must navigate the delicate balance of chemistry and professionalism. While such auditions can be mortifying, they are an integral part of the industry, and these two actresses have shown that even the most experienced actors can face their fair share of awkward moments.

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