Jenna Dewan Mourns the Loss of Her Beloved Dog Meeka

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Jenna Dewan Mourns the Loss of Her Beloved Dog Meeka

Jenna Dewan, the talented dancer and actress, has shared a heartfelt tribute on Instagram to her late dog Meeka, who sadly passed away earlier this week at the age of 18. The emotional post includes a slideshow of photos showing Jenna cuddling with her beloved pet.

Meeka, who was more than just a pet to Jenna, was a constant companion throughout the actress’s life. Jenna reflected on the numerous “eras” they shared, from her first pregnancy with daughter Everly to her second child, son Callum. Meeka was a loyal friend to both of Jenna’s children, who she shares with her ex-husband Channing Tatum and her current partner Steve Kazee.

Jenna expressed her gratitude that Meeka had a “most peaceful crossing,” and she acknowledged the immense pain of losing her dear companion. She concluded her emotional post by emphasizing that Meeka will always be with her and her family, watching over them and especially ushering in the new life of her yet-to-be-born third child.

Tribute to a Cherished Companion

Jenna’s heartfelt tribute highlights the deep bond she shared with her dog Meeka, who was a constant presence in her life. Meeka’s passing is a significant loss for Jenna, especially given her current pregnancy. The actress’s emotional post has resonated with fans and friends, who have sent their condolences and shared their own stories of the special bond between humans and animals.

Meeka’s life was marked by numerous adventures, from traveling around the world to sitting by Jenna’s side during the pandemic. Despite her passing, Meeka’s memory will live on through the countless moments she shared with Jenna and their family.

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