Mister Rogers is a classic children’s television program. Fred Rogers designed a format that avoided noise and slapstick humor. Instead, using his quiet voice and his loving manner teaches and comforts his audience. Many a grown man will get misty-eyed hearing a song or reminiscing about favorite moments from Mister Rogers.

These episodes are collections of The Best of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Amazon also has entire full seasons of the Mister Rogers' Neighborhood program that can either be purchased, or are available with a PBS Kid's subscription.

Something special can be found in every episode. The list below features a few episodes with fun or interesting topics.

Favorite Episodes

  • S01:E01 - The First Week (#1) The First Program (Black & White, 1967)
  • S01:E07 - Jealousy (#1177) Henrietta Gets Angry (1971) There is something particularly chilling about an angry Henrietta.
  • S03:E11 - Making Music (#1546) Meet Neighborhood Musical Director John Costa
  • S04:E11 - Making Mistakes (#1576) Everyone Makes Mistakes
  • S05:E13 - Learning (#1653) How People Make Construction Paper