Featuring 20-25 minute drawing demonstrations by Kyani T., these videos inspire younger children to boldly dive in and start drawing. It doesn’t have to be done perfectly to develop a love of drawing. Quietly talking while she describes her actions, combined with soothing themed background music, makes Kyani’s lessons pleasant and engaging for kids.

Her technique often mixes colored pencil and marker on different kinds of paper.

Highlight Episodes

  • Wicked Witch Not too scary, but a great level of drawing for small children to reach for the next level!
  • Clownfish Your child can learn to draw a fish just like Nemo.
  • Chilly Penguin Learn how to draw an adorable penguin character.
  • Little Mermaid A lounging mermaid can be challenging. This is a good first step to draw of of the many an ever-popular fairy tale princesses.