For seven seasons this influential series thrilled and entertained audiences. Today, many of the cliché are still well known, like this message will self-destruct and the face replacement masks being peeled off.

Peter Graves was the familiar face of the season, but we’ve captured the still above to remind audiences that this program also featured Lesley Ann Warren and Leonard Nemoy along with a strong regular cast and a revolving list of great guest performers in each episode.

Fan Favorite Episodes

  • S01:E10 - The Carriers The IMF infiltrates a secret training site in a scheme to prevent a hostile regime from killing millions of Americans through germ warfare
  • S01:E23 - Action! One might claim this episode inspired the true 1979 story of Argo. A fake movie production was used to infiltrate the iron curtain.
  • S01:E03 - Operation Rogosh IMF need to stop the bad guys in their plot to destroy a city with a secret device and deadly toxins.
  • S02:E09 - The Seal More stereotypical thrills as the IMF must inflitrate a high-rise with advanced high-tech security.
  • S05:E01 - The Killer Ihe IMF must stop a professional assassin (Robert Conrad) and they don’t know the target.