Hugh Laurie is the prickly, drug-addicted, genious doctor who solves medical mysteries. Surrounded by an entertaining team of doctors, the pleasure isn’t in the destination, but how they get there. What more is there to say? All eight seasons just became available again on Prime Video. No excuses, get watching!

Fan Favorite Episodes

  • S01:E21 – Three Stories This episode is universally on the list of fan favorite episodes of House. Guest starring Sela Ward as House’s ex-wife, and Carmen Electra as his imaginary patient, we learn more of the backstory about how House injured his leg.

  • S02:E24 – No Reason House is shot by a patient, then experiences hallucinations, while placed in a bed beside his shooter.

  • S04:E09 – Games This episode guest stars Jeremy Renner, (from Avengers and Hurt Locker.) House makes up his mind about who to keep on his team.

  • S04:E15 – House’s Head For fans of Dr. Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) this will be a definite favorite. It is also the general fan favorite as part one of the two finale episodes of season 4.

  • S04:E16 – Wilson’s Heart The bus accident season finale continues. Does House get to the bottom of who was on the bus with him? Part two and another favorite of house fans everywhere.