Every episode becomes a fun caper and adventure in rural Georgia. Car chases and double-crosses are all over the place in this classic series that was a staple of the early eighties.

Bo and Luke Duke, like the song says, are just like two modern day Robin Hood characters. Their Uncle Jesse and Cousin Daisy Duke make up the main protagonist cast. Plus other favorite characters Crazy Cooter, Enos Strate, Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane and the always scheming Boss Hogg.

Long forgotten are the other two Duke cousins Coy and Vance that you can find here among the episodes. Each episode lands the Dukes in some high adventure.

Favorite Episodes

  • S03:E01 - Enos Strate to the Top Enos has his sites fixed on becoming a big city cop.
  • S01:E01 - One Armed Bandits The first episode is special because it has scenes used in the series opener. Bo and Luke snag a bunch of slot machines from Boss Hogg and Sheriff Rosco.
  • S02:E21 - Mason Dixon’s Girls The Dukes discover they are in possession of a bunch of smuggled marijuana. They join forces with private investigator Mason Dixon and his two young female associates.
  • S02:E14 - The Runaway The Dukes help a wealthy heiress marry her true love.
  • S01:E07 - Luke’s Love Story Luke meets up with a special lady driver during the annual Hazzard Obstacle Derby