Tony Shalhoub portrays the role of Adrian Monk, a brilliant detective working with the San Francisco Police Department until his wife is killed by a car bomb in a parking garage. This significant event led Monk to suffer a nervous breakdown and exacerbated Monk’s wide array of phobia and compulsive habits.

Monk gave viewers eight seasons of brilliant crime-solving while evoking a kind of comedic sympathy for him while he struggles through the 312 different and unique fears and phobias he suffers. The unique character of Adrian Monk, along with the consistently excellent plot depth and storytelling, made Monk one of the best mystery television series of the time.

Fan Favorite Episodes

  • S02:E11 – Mr. Monk and the Three Pies A woman wins a cherry pie and then is killed and her car is stolen. Was it the pie or was it something else? Monk and Sharona (his nurse) pit their wits against a pie-loving murderer.
  • S08:E16 – Mr. Monk and the End – Part II Finally, in the only case Monk has never been able to solve—who killed his wife Trudy, he gets a break in the form of a posthumous message from the woman Monk loves.
  • S03:E16 – Mr. Monk and the Kid A toddler finds a severed finger in a park. Monk unravels several layers of deception that eventually leads him to a woman whose son has been kidnapped.
  • S04:E16 – Mr. Monk Gets Jury Duty This episode was inspired by the classic movie, “12 Angry Men”; Monk uncovers a murder and a plot by a drug lord’s girlfriend to win the criminal’s escape.
  • S05:E02 – Mr. Monk and the Garbage Strike A sanitization union boss is shot to death, prolonging a citywide garbage strike, much to Monk’s escalating distress. Monk takes indecisive steps to bring it to end the strike and get the city cleaned up.

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