Three kids, a stay-home mom, a hard-working blue-collar dad and an obnoxious sister comprise the main roles of this iconic situational comedy planted in the middle of the heartland in the fictional town of Lanford, Illinois.

But this is no ordinary mom; this is Roseanne, a loud, brash, opinionated and outspoken mom with a definitive narcissistic bent on life. Sarcastic with no reservations about embarrassing her three kids, Roseanne threw life as a middle-class American family across the screen of millions, showing that life in the heartland can be anything but boring and bland.

No topic was considered taboo to the Conner family; from a young teenage daughter’s going on ‘the pill’, to marijuana use, and a satirical twist on the O.J. Simpson debacle; Roseanne was a loud voice of the times that captured the hearts of millions.

Fan Favorite Episodes

  • S05:E03 – The Dark Ages The evil power company darkens the Conner house due to an unpaid bill, which conveniently helped David to slip by the all-seeing eye of Roseanne to spend the night with Darlene.

  • S02:E07 – Boo! Halloween in the Conner house is a magical time for the family, as Roseanne and Dan amp up the scares and laughs with epic costumes and gags. Becky however doesn’t think it’s all that.

  • S03:E07 – Trick or Treat It’s a gender-bending Halloween in the Conner house as Roseanne dresses as a trucker. She gets into character when she takes her trucker-self down to the Lobo and mingles with some of the boys. D.J. sends Dan into a tizzy when he chooses to be a witch.

  • S06:E04 – A Stash from the Past What’s a mom to do when the house is a mess? Clean, of course, and so Roseanne’s efforts take her to David’s room where she uncovers a bag of marijuana. Rosey and Dan accuse David and punish him for the stash, but Dan realizes that the stash is actually his and Roseanne’s, leading to a hilarious indulgence for old time’s sake.

  • S05:E13 – Crime and Punishment - 1 The Lanford Police pay a visit to the Conner house after Fisher, Jackie’s boy-friend files a complaint against him. D.J. takes an offensive comic-book to school and is caught, only for Roseanne to discover that comic as being the brainchild of Darlene and David.