A witty situation comedy from the late 1990s of four aliens are sent to Earth to become humans and live among us to study humankind. 3rd Rock from the Sun, uses a sci-fi premise to poke fun at at our human culture and traditions. Strong writing and a talented comedic cast combined to make a very enjoyable series.

Highlight Episodes

These are a few of the documented fan-favorite episodes:

  • S01:E01 - Brains and Eggs The first episode that sets the stage and tone for the series.
  • S03:E22 - Just Your Average Dick John Cleese joins the cast for a two-part guest appearance as a new professor who is even sillier than Dick.
  • S04:E21 - Dick vs. Strudwick Dick devises a scheme to compete with his faculty nemesis.
  • S04:E10 - Two-Faced Dick The Big Giant Head grants Sallys request to change sexes by having Dick and Sally change bodies.
  • S04:E08 - Indecent Dick The Solomons get to experience the subject of nudity when an adult magazine comes to town seeking new talent.


It is unfortunate that this program is often overlooked when people recall strong shows from the 90s. One episode is all it will take to get you hooked all over again.