A gigantic alien starship crashes to earth while World War Three rages across the globe. The nations of the world call a global cease-fire to divert resources into restoration of the giant spacecraft, creating Earth’s new defender, and just in time too as the huge alien species called the Zentradi arrive to reclaim their crashed ship.

The alien technology was reverse-engineered to create the Mecha (variable fighters and destroids and the faster-than-light space-fold drive for starships, and humanity was sufficiently armed to defend their planet.

Fan Favorite Episodes

  • S01:E03 – Space Fold Zentradi forces the crew of the SDF-1 to utilize the never-before-used space-fold drives to escape their relentless attacks. It’s not just the SDF-1 that makes the jump, however.

  • S01:E05 – Transformation This episode introduces the modular transformation that turns the ship into a giant robot, while Rick Hunter decides to join the defense forces.

  • S01:E10 – Blind Game The SDF-1’s radar is destroyed by the Zentradi, forcing the four human heroes to embark on a recon mission that goes awry when they’re captured.

  • S01:E11 – First Contact The Zentradi interrogate the captured heroes to no avail, and the aspect of “protoculture” (energy source of all machines) is introduced. The Zentradi reaction to Rick and Lisa’s kiss is memorable.

  • S01:E18 – Farewell, Big Brother Rick is injured and Roy dies, leaving the squadron short-staffed. An ace Zentradi pilot joins the crew. This episode illustrates a transition of power within the team.