Extremely popular, long-running series (1986-1992) that made it cool to be a clever problem solver. This was also back in the day that it was OK for kids to take apart small appliances. Many episodes feature guest stars who later became famous, like Terri Hatcher and Cuba Gooding Jr.

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Noteworthy Episodes

  • S01:E01 - The Pilot Pilot episodes are special because the clips in the show opening are often taken from this first episode. MacGyver must rescue a scientist from an underground lab with a deadly chemical leak.
  • S01:E16 - Every Time She Smiles Introduction of Teri Hatcher’s memorable recurring character.
  • S02:E16 - Out in the Cold MacGyver on skis versus the avalanche and the bad guys.
  • S02:E21 - DOA: MacGyver Mac goes missing and gets amnesia.
  • S03:E09 - Hell Week A mentor of MacGyver’s invites him to judge a physics competition.
  • S04:E05 - Collision Course A race car episode, guest starring G. Gordon Liddy as Carl Strickland.

Mac and his obnoxious buddy Jack Dalton.