We love to watch TV! Today, television is less about what is broadcast over the air, now we get to choose what we view on demand. Thousands, or even millions, of program options are available at our fingertips! With so many choices there is potential for overload.

Human nature makes us gravitate to only a few favorites. Eventually we grow bored. Even with vast selection available, tons of great content goes undiscovered. It is like standing beside the ocean or at the edge of cliff that is simply too big to explore.

Still from The Gods Must be Crazy of Xi looking off the empty, distant cliff.

Prime TV Guide is a site that is working to curate the content into something manageable and fun. We hope that we help you discover or re-discover programs and movies that interest you. We'll let you know what new material is good. We'll share fan favorites, and other special notes. We will also remind you of old favorites that you may have missed or forgotten.

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You can also give Prime as a gift, if you know someone who doesn't have it and would enjoy its many benefits.

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