Dr Who

If you are new to the modern Dr. Who, or if you had a false start when a friend made you watch the weeping angels episode, this guide is here to help. You can have a proper introduction to Dr. Who.

You can proceed with confidence, knowing which doctor or companion you should start watching. The episodes with noteworthy cameos and major plot points are clearly indicated. Find a deeper appreciation for the in-jokes and lore of Dr. Who.

"When I first started watching Dr. Who, my eyes were opened to the many references to the series that I'd been watching for years. From The Great British Baking Show to Mr. Bean's Christmas Special, life is filled with Dalek's droning their robotic mantra, 'Exterminate! Exterminate!' Now I know what that is all about!"
—Mike from Ohio

The Dr. Who Guide is filled with an introduction about the entire Dr. Who series, including a summary of the original series. Then the guide walks you through all ten of the rebooted series seasons that began in 2005.

As the eleventh season is starting to arrive for American audiences, now is a great time to get into the series. When you get to season 11, you will be ready to meet the first female doctor!

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Photo credit: Dalek CC 2.0